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New White Weber W150 Baby Grand Piano



List Price: $14,270

Our Price:$10,395




Serial #:HG0111154

Build Date:2017

Color:White Polish


There are only 4 companies in Asian making pianos today which have been around for several decades and this piano comes from one of those manufacturers. Better than that, it features an American scale design for the warm sound of the great American made Weber pianos.

If you are looking for just a furniture piano, there are a myriad of Chinese start-up piano companies that make pretty pianos. Many of them are incredibly cheap and come in sizes that are smaller than standard baby grand pianos like this one.

But if you are after a piano that is both beautiful to look at and a worthy instrument for a serious player, than this Weber is a real find!

It’s hard to believe that most Asian production pianos are using plastic in place of wood for the thousands of parts that go into the action. This Weber piano has an all wood action just like in Weber pianos from 100 years ago and other great American pianos like Steinway.

The tone of a piano is comprised of many elements. Many of the world’s great pianos have solid Sitka spruce soundboards just like in Weber pianos.

Designed in the US and manufactured to exacting standards, this Weber piano is backed by 10 year warranty and should provide satisfying performance for many years to come.