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This is Robert Estrin here at with a few Living Pianos facts:

Living Pianos is the world’s first online piano store!

Since 2006 we’ve been selling pianos all over the world! That might not seem so groundbreaking until you realize that the entire piano industry is based upon an old model of protected territories. Did you know that most dealers sell 90% of their inventory within a 10 mile radius? This brings us to another interesting fact about Living Pianos.

Last year, 83% of the pianos we sold went out of area.

There was one week when we had two pianos going to Puerto Rico! That’s really unusual for a piano store in this country. Here’s another interesting fact for you. We had two pre-World War II Steinway Model M’s, both of them mahogany, and they were remarkably similar pianos that came from completely different sources. When we looked inside we were shocked to discover that they were only one serial number apart! These pianos were made right next to each other in the Steinway factory in the 1930s, and here they were sitting next to each other rejoined at Living Pianos just by total coincidence. I thought that was pretty wild.

Living Pianos is partnering with Stilwell Pianos in Mesa, Arizona!

The last piece of news about Living Pianos is that we will be combining forces with Stilwell Pianos in Mesa, Arizona. Stilwell Pianos is run by Michael Stilwell, a third generation piano technician. He also owns and operates The Piano Technicians’ Academy which is an online school. It is a great resource for learning about piano tuning and repair. The whole store is owned by piano technicians. We are very excited! Our new showroom and video studio will be ready soon. So, we will have more videos and pianos for you. Our opening in Mesa is, February 1st, 2020.

I thought you’d be interested in some of these Living Pianos facts! Any other information you want about us, we are an open book. You can email us anytime at Thanks so much for joining me. I’m Robert Estrin here at, Your Online Piano Store. See you next time!