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The website is the successor to the classic, “The Piano Book” by Larry Fine which came out originally in the 1980’s. The Piano Book covered topics such as buying a new or a used piano. It also discussed the lower quality of some Asian built pianos as well as the scarcity of European pianos at the time. It mentioned questionable sales tactics and the emergence of digital pianos and other technologies.

According to PianoBuyer, new acoustic piano sales are down by 90% and there are very few bad pianos today. The internet and social media have educated consumers about pianos in ways which were unavailable years ago. Digital pianos have also replaced many low-end acoustics and more high-end pianos from are available from Europe. An emphasis has been put on the sale of institutional pianos. There are a lot of used pianos on the market and even free pianos! There are also a lot of new technologies from digitals, hybrids, players and software-based pianos new to the market which the new book covers.

You might be wondering what else is included in the new book! The book still covers piano brands as well as insightful articles for all levels of players. It covers how to maintain higher end instruments: both home and institutional. There is also useful information on restoring and rebuilding used pianos. One of the most useful resources of the book is in covering the topic of how to dispose of, donate or recycle old pianos. You will also find information regarding the latest technologies in digital pianos, hybrids, software and players as I mentioned.

This book is a great resource for first time piano buyers, teachers, professionals, technicians, and anyone who is interested in pianos. You can order the book now and receive a 20% discount by clicking the link below:

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