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Baldwin Hamilton Studio Upright Piano 277241



List Price: $12,495

Our Price:$4,395


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Company:Baldwin Hamilton


Serial #:277241

Build Date:1987

Color:Walnut Semi-gloss


The Baldwin Hamilton upright was the de facto standard piano in schools, churches and homes before the cheaper Asian production pianos flooded the market. Make no mistake about it – this is a top of the line, no compromise upright piano suitable for any player who demands a piano with exceptional action and beautiful tone.

This piano has had a very gentle life. It has just had extensive regulation and concert level voicing. If you don’t have room for a baby grand piano, this can be one of the best options for you. What you get with a top-tier American made piano that is missing from even the best Asian production pianos is a warmth of tone which allows for expansive expression. There is a wider usable range of volume which is essential for taking your playing to the next level.

The cabinet is in very good condition. One unique feature of this piano is how the top opens like a grand piano allowing you to enjoy the rich tone which surrounds you. This piano is built to last – one of the great American upright pianos of all time.