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Bluthner Parlor Grand Piano Made in Germany 130514



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Model:Parlor Grand

Serial #:130514

Build Date:1954

Color:Ebony Satin

Size:5' 5"

While there are several great European pianos such as Hamburg Steinway and Bosendorfer, many people prefer the sound of a great Bluthner to any other piano produced anywhere in the world! Bluthner is one of the only piano companies that has been owned by the same family since the 1800’s where they are still hand-made to exacting standards.

The great news about this piano is twofold it has been very well cared for (as evidenced by the original keytops in remarkable condition) and secondly, the piano was fairly recently rebuilt to perform on a very high level.

The piano has new strings, tuning pins, hammers, shanks, knuckles and backchecks. The soundboard has been reworked properly for stability. The finish is also in very good shape.

Bluthner has many unique design elements that contribute to its unusually rich sound. It is the only piano in the world that has 4 strings for each note in the treble instead of the ordinary 3 strings. The fourth aliquot string sympathetically vibrates adding rich harmonics and more sustain to the tone.

Bluthner pianos are rare since they are limited production in Germany and are usually very costly. If you appreciate the sound of this piano, it can be a real gem you can keep in your family for generations.