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Just a quick note to express how pleased we are with the Baldwin piano we purchased from you earlier this year. You truly present your product offerings honestly & professionally. Having a “new” piano has rekindled Marilyn’s love for playing often, she now plays an hour or more daily. I was somewhat concerned about replacing the Steinway console with the Baldwin M2 grand piano. However, now that we have had time to adapt the grand really does take advantage of the wood floor and high ceiling, the sound is super! We contacted Russell Berkley, a San Diego Technician trained with the QRS system, to make some adjustments to the player so it performs quite well also. Thanks again for making our purchase so enjoyable.

Marilyn & Don Winslow


I felt totally comfortable buying [my piano] from you… Thanks for putting the ad in Craigslist, since I would never have found you otherwise.

You have sold me something that I will enjoy for the rest of my life!!

– Barbara


I am just writing to tell you how happy I am with my new piano. It looks just fantastic in the room, and fits perfectly. It is such a gorgeous instrument. I am really pleased to see the interest my kids have taken to it. My 4 year old has been trying to play and I look forward to getting him lessons.

I am so glad you mentioned the possibility of financing. It is the only way I could feel good about making the purchase now. But this way I can introduce the piano to my children sooner rather than later. I am really looking forward to entertaining, and hopefully having you there to play. It is going to be great! Thank you again!

– Jason


Your A B Chase 1925 but completely refurnished baby grand piano is giving me full satisfaction. Its soft and round sound with good bass register as well as its gentle touch grant to it a personality that modern pianos often lack.
Thank you for your discount that made my installation in California easier.

Your included after-sales service which allowed my piano to be tuned and receive a few necessary adjustments by Bob Anderson was really excellent.

– Pascal Salomon


I bought a piano from Bob. Actually, I bought 3 pianos from Bob.

My first was 1925 Steinway. It was a very good piano at a price which was about half of what I had seen when shopping around for a similar piano. I did not know Bob before the purchase. It was a good experience. The piano was delivered and tuned, and Bob was always concerned that the instrument was working properly and tuned after delivery.

As fine a piano as it was, when an older, rarer, rosewood art-case 1875 Steinway with vintage ivory/ebony keyboard came along, Bob let me know, because of my interest in pianos. I was able to do a trade (paying the difference of course). The “new” (older) piano had some “issues” which needed repairs. We didn’t get it right at first, but Bob stayed with it, and after a first failed attempt to correct a problem, he got the right person to fix it right. In other words, even thought it was used instrument, it was not a quick sale and a goodbye/goodluck/farewell. He made it right.

When a friend of mine bought a piano from Bob (by coincidence), there was a problem with the piano. The buyer was unhappy. Bob took the piano back and gave her full credit, for refund or exchange. She chose exchange. He stood behind what he sold. More than that, he cared about the buyer, and his reputation as seller. He made it right.

I bought another piano, a Baldwin SF in black satin. I still have (both) the Steinway and the more modern Baldwin.

To anyone serious about buying a piano: Look around, compare prices, and see what you can buy at the price you set for yourself. Then see what Bob has available. If he doesn’t have what you want, wait a little while.

There are a lot of choices out there and some pitfalls if you don’t know a great deal about pianos. Most of us don’t.

I can recommend Bob without reservation to advise and help you find a piano that matches your needs. Be sure to ask him to play Chopin or Liszt for a test drive.

– Mark Rechnic


Original Testimonial Here
Our new piano has arrived, and it’s beautiful. It’s a Bluthner 6′ 3″ concert Grand made in 1895, so we’ll be treating it very gently. Apart from when we play marches.

A piano technician named Reg evaluated it for us, and couldn’t speak highly enough of it. His comments went like this (though you’ll have to imagine a deep, husky, New Orleans-style drawl):

“Well, let me tell ya something about this piana. If ya had asked me to find ya the perfect piana, well, Ah don’t think Ah coulda found ya a better one than this. It siiiiings, oh how it sings, and it has the most beaudiful sustain. It sounds like a Steinway, that’s how it sounds. Ah’ve played a load o’ pianas in my time, and Ah ain’t never played one like this. Ah can’t tell ya how wonderful this piana is. Ah’ve played pianas worth $100,000 and they weren’t so good as this piana. Ah don’t know how ya could go wrong with this piana. It’s beaudiful.”

And it really is lovely. And it does sing. And has an amazing sustain. And a beautiful, rich sound. Unfortunately, it’s raised the benchmark here, and the temporary furniture is no longer cutting it. We need our sofas from the container. Meanwhile, I’m off to test-drive Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata on it.
– Natalie Gotts


Our new Baldwin has been great joy to our family and is admired by our friends. Our son Robert has made great progress in his playing since we bought it.

Thank you so much,
– Magdalena


We just wanted to let you know that we are so pleased with our new piano! It looks fabulous in our music room, and we have already found so much enjoyment from it!! Thanks for your time and showing us all your beautiful instruments and playing for us!

We would love to know any history that you might now about our particular piano. It is in such beautiful shape, we wondered where it had come from.
Thanks and look forward to hearing one of your concerts. Please put us on your mailing list.


– Brian, Jennifer, Taylor and Emma Werfelmann


Thanks again for everything! I am loving the piano. If you ever want a quote or sound bite referral, just let me know.



I shall continue to refer Student’s to your Business for wonderful and affordable Instruments.

You are a great resource for my Families who just can’t make the large price tags at the Dealerships.

Thank you and Bless you for offering to the Musical Community your Services and restored Instruments.

Warm regards,

– Esther


Not only is Robert an accomplish classical pianist, his personality is engaging and he has a dedication to education of young people. I hired him to perform the Living Piano performance for 4th graders as well as family audiences. His performance was educational, fun, and mezmerizing, puntuated with outstanding classical music that was expressive and technically over the top. We also hired him for straight classical performances which are always delightful and inspiring. Many of the top performances in the region want to perform with Robert, and he obligues. His favorite colleague, though, is wife Florence, a wonderful flutist! Robert is also great to work with. He genuinely liked people and loves what he is doing and it show. If you have ANY question about the piano, Robert is probably the country’s top expert. Did I mention he buys outstanding pianos and refurbishes them into amazing instruments for sale? Robert is the whole package – entreprenurial, kind and a wonderful musician. I recommend him for your school or community performance or your classical music series. Get on his calendar!”

– Jan McKay