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For over 15 years Living Pianos has been offering a wide selection of top-tier new and used pianos for sale.

With an inventory of classic American and European pianos as well as late model and new Asian pianos, Living Pianos has the piano you’re looking for.

All the instruments in our showroom are hand selected and worked on by our team of top piano technicians in Southern California. We ensure that every instrument meets an incredibly high level of performance that’s suitable for the most discerning pianists.


With Living Pianos there are no hidden fees and no surprises. All our prices are clearly advertised and most of our pianos include free delivery anywhere in the Continental USA.

Our customers are like family to us. We want you to be happy with your piano and that’s why we include a bench, delivery and in-home tuning with every piano.


All our used pianos come with a 10 year warranty on rebuilt parts which shows our commitment to you. In the unlikely event that parts on your piano fail, we will replace the parts for you at no charge.

All our used pianos come with a 10 year warranty on rebuilt parts which shows our commitment to you. In the unlikely event that a repair wasn’t performed correctly by our in-house technicians, we will replace the parts for you at no additional charge.


Robert Estrin is a champion of music technology and historical instruments with millions of YouTube views which enrich pianists and music lovers worldwide.

He comes from an extended family of musicians. He is a second generation concert pianist. He and his sister, pianist Coren Mino both studied with their father, concert pianist Morton Estrin who also taught Billy Joel as well as countless concert artists and teachers.


As the world’s first online piano store, Living Pianos has access to some of the world’s best inventory of used pianos.

We get offers for instruments every day, but only a few will ever meet the standards we demand to make a piano part of our inventory. We offer our customers fine instruments at great prices to ensure that you get a piano that performs on a high level for years to come with proper maintenance.


Don’t like the finish or color of your piano?
We can Refinish any piano.

Don’t see your desired brand or model?
We can help find what you’re looking for.

Do you want a NEW Piano?
We are authorized dealers for Hailun and Casio

Nothing in your price range?
We can help you get a piano.

Want a player system?
We can provide information and install the latest technology on your piano..

Want to sell your piano?
We will connect you with the right resources and we buy and consign pianos.

How do we Select Our Pianos?
Here is some of what is involved in how we choose pianos.
- We seek out high quality manufacturers
- The pianos must meet a high degree of structural integrity
- Our technicians assess the potential of each piano and we determine the viability of restoration
- Pianos we select to consign or buy are tended to by our team of experts including:
furniture detailing/refinishing
action regulation/rebuilding
fine voicing
and in some cases complete rebuilding including:
and bridges.

Piano Refinishing Services

We have some of the top refinishers in the area constantly working to fix and repair all the finishes on the pianos we have in stock. We can also refinish a piano in nearly any finish you want for a great price.

To find out more please contact us directly: (949) 244-3729

Looking for a Certain Piano We Don’t Currently Have?

Here at Living Pianos we keep a consistent inventory of top brands and models of used pianos. If you don’t see a particular piano you are looking for let us know.
You can call us:(949) 244-3729 or email: info@LivingPianos.com

We have numerous resources for finding top-tier used pianos from all major brands such as: Steinway & Sons, Mason & Hamlin, Yamaha, Kawai, Baldwin, Bechstein, Blüthner, Bösendorfer, Chickering, Petrof, Knabe, Sohmer, Weber, Grotrian, and more.

If you have a particular request let us know and we can help you find the piano you are looking for.

Living Pianos offers New Pianos for Sale

Living Pianos is proud to be one of the first national piano dealers in the United States. We sell new Weber, Hailun, Flychord and Artesia pianos all over the country and can connect you to local dealers in select areas.

Weber has a unique place in the piano industry offering the American sound at exceptional value. While there are hundreds of new Chinese companies making pianos, Young Chang (a Korean company owned by Hyundai) has been producing pianos since the mid 1900’s. They began by producing pianos for Yamaha decades ago. Then, they produced pianos for Steinway. The Weber line is a premium piano inspired by the great American made Weber pianos from the past.

The Weber piano line is designed by Del Fandrich, one of the most respected piano designers in the world who played an intrinsic role in the development of Baldwin and Charles Walter pianos. There are many unique technologies employed to produce the warm, round American sound of the classic Weber pianos which had their roots in the mid 19th century. Technologies include low tension scale (like Steinway), cold pressed hammers, and AA grade solid sitka spruce soundboards.

Hailun is recognized as one of the 3 most valued brands along with Steinway and Yamaha. They have won awards in national publications such as Musical Merchandise Review Magazine. Hailun pianos have materials and features found in top-tier European pianos such as wet sand cast plate, hardwood rims, and high quality spruce soundboards. All New Hailun Pianos come with a 15-Year Transferable Factory Warranty - the best in the industry!

Specializing in Steinway and other restored, top-tier American and German pianos.

Finding a Piano to Fit Your Budget

If you don’t see anything in your price range we urge you to contact us anyway. Our goal is to help you find the piano you are looking for and we have a number of solutions to help you get it. We offer financing and other services to help you find and afford the piano you deserve. Call us for more information: (949) 244-3729 or email: info@LivingPianos.com

Piano Player Installation Services

A few of our pianos have player systems on them and we can install the latest technology player system on nearly any piano. We can also upgrade most older style player systems to the latest technology.

If you are interested in getting a player system installed on your piano
please contact us::
(949) 244-3729 or email : info@LivingPianos.com

We can Sell Your Piano

Many of the pianos you see on our website and in our piano store are consigned to us. Our inventory is hand selected by our team of experts and we are constantly looking for fine used pianos to add to our showroom floor. If you have a piano you are interested in selling we encourage you to fill out our “Selling Your Piano” form and have our experts contact you directly. Even if we don’t take your piano to our showroom we can offer assistance in helping you sell or donate it.

Information about the Current Piano Market and Manufacturing

There was a time in the Golden Era of American pianos before WWII when there were hundreds of piano manufacturers in this country. Today there are only 3 left:

  • Steinway which makes a little over 1000 pianos a year
  • Mason & Hamlin which produces about 100 pianos a year
  • Charles Walter which makes around 50 pianos a year

It can be confusing going to piano stores because there are dozens of American names stenciled on Asian production pianos. If furniture is the most important consideration, these instruments are available for very little money. American pianos cost 5 or 6 times as much as Chinese or Indonesian pianos which look very similar.

So why do people invest so much money for American pianos? There are primarily 2 reasons:

  • Quality of sound and touch
  • Longevity of investment
Even the best Asian production pianos are best new out of the box. Because of the soft luan mahogany wood indigenous to the region, use of medium density fiberboard and plastic in construction, these instruments are best bought new since their lifespan is limited. Also, because they are available for relatively low cost, rebuilding doesn’t make financial sense for these instruments since replacement costs less than rebuilding.

SOFT WOODS: The body of Asian pianos are made from softer luan mahogany. This is important because the body of the piano supports the soundboard which is essential for good tone.

SOUNDBOARD: The soundboard of the piano is the heart of the instrument. It is the thin wood membrane beneath the strings which is responsible for the tone of the piano. It is like the top of a violin or guitar. Sometimes a sound board will crack and buzzes can occur. Soundboards can often times be repaired. However, this involves rebuilding the piano. Highly skilled piano technicians utilize spruce shims of the same quality as the soundboard which are glued in place, sanded and the entire soundboard is refinished. However, hairline cracks in a sound board are a normal part of aging in most parts of the country. What is essential to a sound board is crown.

CROWN:Soundboards are built into the piano under pressure causing a slight upward arching. This is what enables power and sustain of the tone. In time, soundboards can flatten out and lose crown. In this case, you can rebuild the piano with new strings, hammers and such, but you will never achieve a satisfactory sound. While sound boards can be replaced, it is very expensive. And you end up with essentially a new piano. In fact in parts of Europe, pianos which have replaced soundboards may not legally have the name of the original manufacturer on the front of the piano!

PLATE:There are 2 methods of manufacturing the cast iron plate which supports the 8-14 tons of combined string tension inside a piano.

Wet sand casting: This is the method employed by handmade piano manufacturers like Steinway, Mason & Hamlin as well as the best European and vintage American pianos. It takes approximately 3 months for the metal to cure.Vacuum mold process: A much faster way to make a plate (about 90 seconds) this method is used in the vast majority of Asian production pianos like Yamaha, Kawai and the many Chinese stencil brands with American names on the front.

While the strength of the vacuum mold plates is sufficient to support the string tension, the metal is less dense. As a result, there is a metallic resonance to the sound which pianos with wet sand cast plates don’t have. That is why Yamaha is often the choice of rock and pop artists. The sound will cut through a mix better than a Steinway or other American made piano. However, many classical and jazz artists prefer the warm sound of pianos utilizing wet sand cast plates.