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Restored Used Pianos for Sale

Living Pianos: Restored Used Pianos for Sale

Living Pianos offers Classic restored used pianos for sale to schools, churches, arts organizations, dealers and the general public. All our instruments are meticulously restored and brought to life by our expert technicians.

Our instruments are one of a kind pianos that undergo meticulous restoration to play on a concert level. In fact many concert pianists around the country have gotten their pianos from Living Pianos. There are dealers from around the world who buy pianos from our showroom for resale. You can buy direct and get unprecedented value.

Whether you are looking for concert level performance or a unique art case treasure, Our selection of used pianos for sale are hand-made American and European pianos in pristine condition at affordable prices.

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piano1Vintage American and European Pianos are like national treasures.

Owning one is like owning a piece of history.

There was a time when there were over
1800 piano manufacturers in the United States!

Today there are only
3 companies making pianos in the U.S.A.