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Artesia Digital Grand Piano AG-40



List Price: $3,995

Our Price:$2,995




Serial #:NA

Build Date:2015

Color:Ebony Polish

Size:4' 1"

This piano features the Italian Fatar action made in Italy which is the industry standard for digital piano actions. It is as close to a grand piano action available on a digital piano. It has a full 88 note keyboard and 3 pedals just like a traditional grand piano.

First a few words about the furniture of this piano it has a gorgeous, high gloss black finish. The fallboard can be positioned to hide the controls for an elegant look.

What really sets this instrument apart from other digital grand pianos is the sound! The piano sound is rich and emulates not just a grand piano, but a perfectly tuned and voiced concert grand piano. In addition, there are many other instrument sounds including guitars, woodwinds, brass instruments, drums, synthesisers and many more.

This piano has a built in teacher function which allows you to learn one hand at a time while the piano plays the other hand on dozens of songs! The piano also has a teacherstudent function that turns the 88 note keyboard into 2 separate pianos playing the same notes. So, a teacher can instruct the student sitting next to them at the same piano!

You can also record your playing at the push of a button. Better than that, you can record yourself on separate tracks with different instrument sounds to compose your own songs or symphonies. The piano also can accompany you like playing in a band. It follows the notes you play and adds other instrument to your performance.

The piano also has bluetooth compatibility to allow you to play along with your favorite songs turning your piano into a home entertainment center playing through its 6 powerful speakers. It also comes with Piano Maestro music application which makes learning piano like playing a video game – fun for all ages!

You will have a beautiful baby grand that can fit in the smallest spaces with a fine action and sound and many features to help you learn how to play and enjoy music.