Baldwin Artist Series Baby Grand – Model M 185594

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Serial #:185594

List Price:$44,100

SALE Price:$11,979

Build Date:1969

Color:Ebony Satin

Size:5' 2"

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The Baldwin model M Artist Series baby grand piano is one of the finest American baby grand pianos of all time. Compared with the Steinway baby grand model S, the Baldwin has a richer, truer tone in the bass. It was a top-tier piano and this instrument comes from a time when Baldwin was the #1 manufacturer of pianos in the United States.

This instrument has a phenomenal soundboard which produces a rich, singing tone that sustains longer than some concert grand pianos! The action is smooth and even. It has been a well cared for instrument that has had light play. So, it is precise and is an appropriate instrument for a high level player.

This piano has duplex scaling which enhances the tone by allowing non-speaking length of the strings to sympathetically vibrate. It has been regulated and voiced to a concert level of performance.

If you have space for a baby grand, this is a great choice. There are very few pianos of this size in the world that produce such a rich tone. The instrument was crafted at an excellent period in Baldwin’s rich history.