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Baldwin Concert Grand 79237



List Price: $103,500

Our Price:$23,979




Serial #:79237

Build Date:1936

Color:Ebony Satin


This is an incredible sounding concert grand with a solid action. The soundboard is in great shape and produces a huge bass and singing, sustained treble – the ideal for a concert instrument. Baldwin was the choice of so many concert pianists from Leonard Bernstein to Dave Brubeck. They are famous for pianos with huge bass, and a warm, clear tone throughout.

This piano has been restrung in the past and the strings are in fine condition. The piano has also had new hammers, key bushings and the case has been refinished some time ago. The action is slightly heavier than some pianos, yet in the range of normal. The voicing produces a sweet, focused sound.

Baldwin pianos are no longer produced. (There are Chinese pianos which are branded as Baldwin which do not share the scale design of the great American Baldwins from the past.) Throughout most of the 20th century Baldwin and Steinway were the de facto choice of concert artists. So, if you are searching for a top-tier concert grand in good condition, this instrument is a great choice and a phenomenal value.