Blüthner Grand Piano Made in Germany 128913



Serial #:128913

List Price:$94,797

SALE Price:$21,775

Build Date:1950

Color:Ebony Satin

Size:5' 6"

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Blüthner is still owned by the original Blüthner family going back to 1853. This piano has been rebuilt and refinished at some point in the past. It plays magnificently and looks gorgeous.

Blüthner is famous for its unique, patented aliquot stringing. In the upper register of the piano, there are 4 strings for each note! The 4th string isn’t his by the hammer, but is above the other 3 strings. This offers sympathetic string resonance enhancing the tone of the piano. Blüthners are known for their singing, mellow sound which is a world apart from any other piano.

QRS Wireless Player System

While you can’t see any modern technology on this piano, it does have a wireless player system which plays expressively right off your smartphone and tablet!

There are a limited number of great German pianos like this left in the world. This one has been lovingly cared for through the years which is evident with the real, organic keytops (not plastic) which are in incredible condition.

If you have ever played or heard a great Blüthner, you know why these pianos are sought after the world over. This is one of the world’s great pianos in wonderful condition.