Chickering Parlor Grand Piano 243053


Model:Parlor Grand

Serial #:243053

List Price:$20,595

SALE Price:$8,975

Build Date:1978

Color:Ebony Satin

Size:5' 8"

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Chickering is one of the most respected American piano companies of all time. What makes this piano so special is finding one that was manufactured relatively recently. More than that, it has excellent felt on the hammers (very little wear) and new bass strings for rich tone. The finish while not brand new is also in good shape.

If you have ever played or heard a Chickering you know the warm, round tone these pianos in good condition can have. This is why they were the #1 selling piano in the United States for many years.

Pianos like this are rare to find today with only about 1,400 pianos being built in this country each year with prices starting in the $60,000 range for a piano of this size.

While there are many Asian pianos flooding the market, a great hand-made piano like this is a pleasure for anyone who appreciates the expanded expressive range offered by this type of instrument. Whether you are playing a crashing fortissimo or a delicate legato passage, you will be rewarded with the sweet sound so many people appreciate in great Chickering pianos.