Hailun Baby Grand Piano – Model 150SE



Serial #:NA

List Price:$16,864

SALE Price:$11,900

Build Date:2017

Color:Ebony Polish


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This is the smallest Hailun baby grand piano and it is built to very high standards. So many baby grands cut corners to reach a price point – not so with Hailun.

You get a piano with a solid spruce soundboard. (Not “all-spruce” which other manufactures have. This is a fancy term for plywood!)

The plate is made with a wet sand casting – the way the finest American and European pianos are manufactured which avoids the metallic sound you hear on lesser Asian pianos.

The hammers have German felt for warm sound.

The pin block has 17-18 laminations for excellent tuning stability. You also get a slow-close fall board, sculpted music rack and a Hailun exclusive:

Slow close lid!

You also have the peace of mind that comes with the best warranty in the business

15 year transferable warranty.

Don’t let the low price fool you – this is a high quality piano you can enjoy for years to come.