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Hailun Crescendo HL121A Upright Piano



List Price: $8,500

Our Price:$6,995



Model:Crescendo HL121A

Serial #:NA

Build Date:2017

Color:Walnut Polish


Having a fine piano you can play anytime of the day or night without disturbing anyone, even in an apartment with close neighbors is like a dream come true for many people! This is a high quality instrument you can play acoustically and enjoy a rich tone and fluid action. And with the push of a lever, you can put on headphones and play the piano silently!

Hailun is rated with Steinway and Yamaha as the most valuable piano brand in the United States by Musical Instrument Review which is a highly regarded industry publication.

You get a piano crafted from fine hardwoods instead of plastic parts like you find in Yamaha and Kawai pianos. The plate is made with the more expensive wet sand casting as used by Steinway and Mason & Hamlin instead of the cheaper vacuum mold process you find in lower line Asian production pianos.

Hailun is noted for the European tone since they utilize German strings, hammers and other parts, as well as fine solid spruce soundboard for rich tone. With the industry leading 15 year transferable warranty, this is a piano you can enjoy for years to come playing for family and friends, or privately at any hour of the day or night.