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Hailun Model 151 Baby Grand Piano



List Price: $22,296

Our Price:$15,864




Serial #:NA

Build Date:NEW

Color:Ebony Polish

Size:4' 11.5"

Most people think of Chinese pianos as cheap, low grade instruments. That is because most dealers in this country carry bottom of the line Asian production pianos to fill a price point. But there are hundreds of companies manufacturing pianos in China. Hailun is catering to a different class of customer. These pianos aren’t the cheapest – but they are arguably the best pianos being manufactured by a Chinese company.

To put things into perspective, the domestic Chinese piano market is insatiable. Last year they bought more than 10 times as many pianos as we did here in North America. Hailun is an instrument that is not only popular in China, but is gaining popularity among concert pianists, teachers and schools all around the world.

This baby grand is produced with the finest materials and workmanship for a performance that has not been available at this price point ever before. So, it is possible to enjoy a piano with top-notch European parts including German felt, German Roslau strings, and the finest woods. So, the playing experience is unlike any Asian piano you may have played before.

The piano also features a slow close lid. So, it’s possible to open and close the lid with one or two fingers – even a child can do it! But it is the quality of the sound and precision of the action which separates this piano from the deluge of Asian production pianos on the market.

With a 15 year, transferable warranty, Hailun sets the new standard for quality and value in pianos today.