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Hailun Model HU1P Upright Piano



List Price: $11,502

Our Price:$8,668




Serial #:NA

Build Date:NEW

Color:Ebony Polish / Mahogany Fallboard


Yamaha shook up the piano industry years ago with the U1 series pianos which offered cheaper pianos that helped to wipe out the American piano industry. Now, Yamaha has to contend with a higher quality instrument, the HU1 which sets the new standard for quality with exceptional value.

Consider the structure of the piano. Piano plates are like the foundation of your house – they support the tens of thousands of pounds of string tension. So, they are a critical component of any piano. First, there are 2 methods of making plates for pianos

  • Vacuum Mold Process: Like plastic products which are poured into a mold, vacuum mold process plates can be made very quickly and cheaply. That’s why companies like Yamaha and Kawai as well as most Asian production pianos use this method.
  • Wet Sand Cast Plate: Nearly all top-tier pianos in the world use this time tested method of forging piano plates. It is time consuming and expensive. But the benefit is a dense metal which avoids the metallic edge to the tone you hear on pianos using cheaper methods of plate production.

Hailun pianos utilize Wet Sand Cast Plates on all their pianos.

Metal is expensive. So, manufacturers often try to utilize the least amount of materials possible in order to make plates. Some pianos feature plates that frame the entire instrument inside. This requires more metal. The benefit is a piano with more structural integrity. The Hailun HU1P has a full perimeter plate. (Yamaha U1 does not.) This is a feature found in many of the world’s best pianos.

It is a new world in pianos. Hailun offers a quality level of pianos not seen before in Asian pianos.