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Hardman Player Upright Piano – Model Duo – 129824



List Price: $14,800

Our Price:$2,579




Serial #:129824

Build Date:1963

Color:Mahogany Semi-gloss


Hardman was a high quality American manufacturer going back to the 1850’s through the 1980’s. This piano represents the tail end of a type of piano that was ubiquitous in homes for much of the early 20th century. Player pianos were the original de facto home entertainment system!

First there is the piano itself – a high quality, hand-made instrument with 5 massive back posts supporting the soundboard which is in phenomenal condition. The piano shows only moderate wear and plays well enough for a serious student. More than that, the high quality materials and workmanship are on a level unavailable in the many Asian production pianos found in stores today.

The player system works very well. It also has a lever which engages the Ukelano effect which makes the piano sound like a Ukelele! The piano comes with dozens of piano rolls to enjoy. You can operate the player by pumping the pedals which come out of a sliding door above the standard piano pedals. Or, you can turn a switch and have the player operate by itself. (It plugs in the wall.)

The finish is also a fine lacquer finish (not the polyester finishes found on Asian pianos). If you appreciate the sound and touch of high quality American pianos and would like to have a player piano for your family to enjoy, you will get great utility and enjoyment from this piano.

The player is in excellent condition and has just been refurbished by one of the few remaining player piano experts in the U.S. This is a piano you can enjoy as a musical instrument and as a fun piece of musical technology from a bygone era.