Kawai Semi-Concert Grand Piano Model GS-60 2218034

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Serial #:2218034

List Price:$59,995

SALE Price:$25,995

Build Date:1995

Color:Ebony Polish

Size:6' 9"

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This is a concert instrument that has never been played. It sat in a living room in Irvine, California, tuned regularly and was never subjected to any harsh elements. It is in brand new condition inside and out. This is the highest level piano Kawai has ever produced of this size.

We have gone through and done fine work on the piano. It is suitable for concert performance. Everything is dialed in to satisfy the most discerning player.

This instrument has top of the line components including spruce key frame, laminated beech balance rail, brass balance rail pins and front guide pins are sealed in beechwood inlay. The keys are straight-grained spruce with hardwood key buttons which adds strength. It also features duplex scaling for enhanced tone. This all adds up to the ultimate playing experience.

If you are looking for a top of the line instrument of this size, this is an incredible find – new condition semi-concert grand voiced to the highest level.