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Company:Mason & Hamlin

Model:Art Case

Serial #:5541

This piano has been sold, please check out our other used pianos for sale.

Build Date:1889

Color:Satin Black


Piano Description

This is a classic piano restored to fine playing and cosmetic condition. The condition of this instrument is phenomenal. When you see original real key tops (not plastic) in this kind of condition, it speaks volumes about the history of the piano. Not only that, but the unique sidewinder tuning system works beautifully with no problems whatsoever. More than that, the tone of this magnificent instrument is not to be believed. The action has been reworked with not only top quality components, but matching parts so the geometry and action weight are spot on. If you appreciate the great vintage American pianos, this is definitely an instrument you should investigate for yourself.

  • New Shanks, Flanges, Knuckles
  • New Hammers
  • New Key Bushings- Center & Front
  • New Back &Front Rail Punch Felts
  • New Capstan Felts
  • New Hammer Shank Rest Felts
  • Original Real Key Tops (not plastic)
  • New Key Stop Rail Felt
  • Complete Regulating
  • Tuned A-440
  • Refinished Satin Black Case

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