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New Weber W150 Baby Grand Piano



List Price: $14,270

Our Price:$9,995




Serial #:NA

Build Date:2017

Color:Ebony Polish


The trend in piano manufacturing is to copy the biggest piano companies, Yamaha and Kawai. So Weber has a unique place in the piano industry offering the American sound at exceptional value. While there are hundreds of new Chinese companies making pianos, Young Chang has been producing pianos since the mid 20th century. They began by producing pianos for Yamaha decades ago. Then, they produced pianos for Steinway. Today they have a line of pianos they produce for the German company Schimmel.

The Weber piano line is a premium piano designed by Del Fandrich, one of the most respected piano designers in the world who played an intrinsic role in the development of Baldwin Pianos and Charles Walter Pianos. There are many unique technologies employed to produce the warm, round American sound of the classic Weber pianos which had their roots in the mid 19th century.

If you desire the sound of an American piano, a first rate action in an affordable new piano, this is a phenomenal opportunity for you.

This piano comes with 10 year Factory Warranty.