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New Weber Baby Grand Stunning Walnut Finish



List Price: $14,270

Our Price:$10,395




Serial #:HG0110965

Build Date:2017

Color:Walnut Polish


There was a time early in the 20th century when you would find pianos like this with gorgeous wood cases and warm, rich sound. Today, fine woods are rare. So, a piano like this is unusual enough. The other thing that is rare is to have a well manufactured piano that isn’t trying to sound like a Yamaha. Weber pianos are designed with an American scale design for a less brilliant tone which some people prefer.

The sound of a piano to a great extent comes down to the soundboard. Believe it or not, many pianos produced today utilize plywood soundboards. These are cleverly referred to as All Spruce which is a way of selling a piano with a laminated soundboard – not so with Weber pianos which utilize AA grade solid Sitka spruce and German Roslau piano strings for rich, vibrant tone.

Another area in which manufactures save money is by stamping out the thousands of action parts out of plastic. Here again Weber retains its tradition of utilizing wood for the intricate action which is responsive and reliable.

If you are looking for a gorgeous piano that has a warm tone and high quality parts and manufacturing, Weber is a great choice for you.

All Weber pianos come with 10 year factory warranty.