New Weber Full Size Upright Piano – W131



Serial #:NA

List Price:$8,030

SALE Price:$5,799

Build Date:2017

Color:Ebony Polish


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This full size upright offers a richer sound than many baby grand pianos! This is due to the substantial length of the bass strings and the size of the soundboard. If you don’t have room for a grand piano in your home, but appreciate the fat bass of larger grand pianos, this could be a great instrument for you.

As you get into larger upright pianos, the feel is also more substantial since you are moving more mass. So, it helps to prepare for playing on larger grand pianos compared to practicing on smaller upright pianos.

This represents the top of the line in Weber vertical pianos. It is a well made piano with first class design and workmanship for a piano you can enjoy for years to come.