New Weber W121 Upright Piano – Walnut Polish Finish H00118851



Serial #:H00118851

List Price:$7,250

SALE Price:$4,799

Build Date:2015

Color:Walnut Polish


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This is a high quality upright piano that looks as beautiful as it sounds! Weber pianos have many feature which set them apart from other pianos. One feature which enhances the sound substantially is the floating soundboard. This technology allows the soundboard to vibrate more freely. You can hear the difference. You get a rich sound that belies the size of the instrument.

Weber pianos are a premium instrument that offer a rich playing experience modeled after the great Weber pianos of the past. So many pianos today have a metallic edge to the sound. This is due to the methodology and materials utilized in so many production pianos. Weber pianos offer the warm sound that results from high quality Sitka Spruce soundboard, low tension scale and cold pressed hammers. You can hear the warmth of the tone.

The construction is substantial with massive back posts for structural integrity for years to come. These are meticulously crafted instruments that come with 10 year factory warranty.