Rönisch Grand Piano 69038

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Serial #:69038

List Price:$64,680

SALE Price:$18,795

Build Date:1920

Color:Ebony Satin

Size:6' 2"

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There are a small number of German companies going back to the 1800’s which are top-tier, handcrafted pianos. Rönisch is still manufactured in Germany along with a handful of other highly respected manufacturers making pianos in the old world traditions of Hamburg Steinway, Bechstein, Austrian Bösendorfer and few others. These pianos are at the top edge of quality of pianos in the world and come with high prices.

This piano is a magnificent instrument which has been restrung and refinished. It has new key bushings and front rail bushings for precise feel. The tone has phenomenal sustain which is the sign of a truly great instrument.

The action has been regulated and the tone has been voiced for a rich, pleasing tone and lightening fast response. This is an instrument in the upper echelons of pianos. It’s very unusual to find such an instrument in the used market.

If you appreciate great German pianos, this piano presents a rare opportunity to own such an instrument at an affordable price.