RS Howard Upright Piano 23723

Company:RS Howard

Model:Upright Grand

Serial #:23723

List Price:$26,837

SALE Price:$1,995

Build Date:1908

Color:Oak Satin


Large upright pianos like this are still manufactured by Mason & Hamlin outside of Boston and cost nearly $30,000. At the turn of the century there were countless upright grands many of which had player systems like this one used to have. The high cost of these instruments has relegated them to history for the most part. That’s why finding a full size upright like this can be phenomenal.

You get a piano that has a comparable sound to a grand piano. Yet, they take up about the same amount of room as shorter uprights which don’t offer such rich sound. The piano plays well for a piano of its age. And you won’t get a sound like this out of more commonly found shorter upright pianos.