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Sohmer Player Grand Piano KJMIG 0056



List Price: $38,750

Our Price:$13,775


Company:Sohmer Player Grand


Serial #:KJMIG 0056

Build Date:2004

Color:Satin Mahogany

Size:5' 10"

This is an art-case grand piano made with the traditional wide tail of the great Sohmers from years past for rich tone. It is manufactured to precise standards by one of the oldest and largest Asian manufactures, Samick, in their flagship factory in Korea.

The piano is in like new condition. It has almost no wear on the action and the case is stunning. The size of the piano offers a rewarding sound without taking up too much space in your home.

The piano also has a wireless PianoDisc system which you can play right from your smartphone or tablet! It recreates piano performances from the masters with the included library of music (which you can add to anytime right from your phone!) It also features a sound system which plays other instruments (with the built in speakers underneath) for complete orchestrations with the piano playing live in perfect synchronization.

This is a fine instrument in its own right suitable for a serious player and a gorgeous piece of furniture as well.