Steinway Art-case Upright Piano 138926



Serial #:138926

List Price:$41,600

SALE Price:$11,995

Build Date:1909

Color:Black Satin


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This Steinway has a rebuilt action with new German Abel hammers, new whippens, shanks, flanges and damper felts. It has the original, real keytops which is a testament to the gentle life of this instrument as is the stellar soundboard which produces a rich, powerful tone.

The strings produce a vibrant tone and are in very good condition. The action is fluid and precise. The piano has been refinished with the traditional sprayed lacquer, hand-rubbed ebony finish. It has beautifully carved legs and other hand-detailed woodwork that sets this piano apart from the plethora of Asian production pianos being made today.

If you appreciate a great Steinway upright piano from the Golden Era of piano building, this is a gem of a piano you can enjoy for its rich sound, refined action as well as its physical beauty.