Steinway Model B Rosewood Grand Piano 67461

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Serial #:67461

List Price:$135,100

SALE Price:$47,399

Build Date:1890


Color:Rosewood Satin

Size:6' 10.5"

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This is an incredibly rare rosewood, art-case New York Steinway which has just been rebuilt. It has a new Bolduc soundboard expertly fitted to the piano by master piano builder David Rubenstein. There is also a new pinblock, strings, tuning pins, damper felts, agraffes and keytops. The case has been refinished, the plate is re-gilded and all metal parts have been re-plated.

The action has been rebuilt with new Steinway hammers and shanks, new repetitions, new bushings (front and balance rail), new let-off punchings, and new backchecks. The piano plays on a concert level of performance.

The rosewood case and hand carvings herald another era of craftsmanship that has all but disappeared. But it is the sound of this piano that will transform you to another world.

There are precious few pianos anything like this available in the world today. The good news is the fine care this piano has had over the decades which made it such a worthy candidate for restoration. It should provide gorgeous music and aesthetic beauty well into the century – a piano to pass down to future generations.