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Steinway Model L Grand Piano 250186



List Price: $76,900

Our Price:$25,795




Serial #:250186

Build Date:1927

Color:Ebony Satin

Size:5' 10.5"

This is a rebuilt Steinway from the Golden Era of American piano building. The piano has a new pinblock, strings and tuning pins for rich tone and excellent tuning stability. It also has new hammers which have been voiced for the classic, warm Steinway sound. The action is very responsive with medium weight. The case has been refinished and the plate has been re-gilded. So, the piano looks as beautiful as it sounds.

The Model L is a very popular size because it’s big enough to offer a rewarding sound without overwhelming most homes with too much volume. You can really hear the difference in the bass compared to smaller pianos.

The soundboard has been reworked and has excellent crown. The tone of the piano has incredible sustain all the way up in the high register – the sign of a great piano. It’s hard to find a good quality Steinway in the used market. This is one of the most popular size Steinway pianos and has the classic satin ebony finish that Steinway is famous for. This is a great find for anyone desiring a great Steinway at a phenomenal value.