Steinway Model M Grand Piano 237615

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Serial #:237615

List Price:$79,100

SALE Price:$17,995

Build Date:1925


Color:Mahogany Satin

Size:5' 7"

This is a New York Steinway produced during the Golden Era of Steinway. The piano was just refinished. The plate has been re-gilded. The piano has been restrung with Mapes International Series strings (same as used in new Steinways.) There are also new tuning pins and damper felt. The soundboard has also been refinished and there are new keycaps. Many people prefer vintage Steinway pianos from this era. The important thing is that the piano structure is intact. This is a California piano and so it has benefitted from the gentle environment. All the work performed has brought this instrument back to its former glory. If you appreciate that great Steinways from this period, this is an instrument worth a close look.