Steinway Model M Grand Piano 252274

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Serial #:252274

List Price:$79,100

SALE Price:$19,995

Build Date:1927

Color:Mahogany Satin

Size:5' 7"

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This is one of the most popular size Steinway grand pianos. The model M is small enough to fit in almost any room, yet has a scale design that produces a well balanced sound from top to bottom.

This piano has a re-gilded plate and the case is touched up as well. The best news is that the soundboard produces a very vibrant, rich sound and the action is quick and responsive with good felt on the hammers.

When choosing a Steinway, you must select one that speaks to you. Many Steinways from this era have exceptional sound. That’s why finding one in good condition at a great price like this is so gratifying.