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Steinway Model O Grand Piano 122101



List Price: $76,900

Our Price:$21,775




Serial #:122101

Build Date:1906

Color:Ebony Satin

Size:5' 10.5"

This instrument has been very well maintained through the years. It has its original, real keytops in amazing condition which reveals an incredibly gently life! It had been rebuilt some time ago with Steinway hammers, new strings and new tuning pins. The quality of the work is first rate. While the piano has not just been refinished, it has a very acceptable appearance.

The soundboard is in fine condition and reveals a warm, sustained tone. The action has been regulated to play smoothly and evenly throughout all registers.

Many people seek out Steinways from this era when the American piano industry was at their peak. The woods available at that time and the level of craftsmanship is evident in these instruments. Unfortunately, most pianos from long ago have not endured the ages well. Environmental degradation along with simple neglect can make restoration of such a piano formidable without any assurance of quality. This piano is an excellent example of the great Steinways of the past in very good playing condition.