Used Steinway Model M Grand Piano for Sale 288295

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Serial #:288295

List Price:$79,100

SALE Price:$19,995

Build Date:1936

Color:Mahogany Satin

Size:5' 7"

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Please Call (949) 244-3729

This is a New York Steinway manufactured during an epic period in Steinway’s history. It is in amazing condition. The piano has benefited from the gentle California climate and a caring home. It is rare to find a piano like this which is principally original in such stellar condition. It has the original, real key tops in nearly immaculate condition. The strings are shiny and produce a vibrant tone. The hammers have excellent felt and the action weight is just right – not too heavy.

The finish, while not absolutely perfect is quite beautiful. This is an all around fine instrument for anyone who appreciates a great Steinway.