Wegman Baby Grand Piano 7715

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Model:Baby Grand

Serial #:7715


Sale Price:CALL

Build Date:1902

Color:Satin Mahogany


This piano was built in New York at a time when there were 1800 piano manufacturers in the United States! Today there are 3. This “Golden Era” produced quite a number of great piano companies. New York had not only Wegman, but Steinway, Sohmer and many other high quality manufacturers. The piano has a brand new set of hammers, dampers, key bushings and front rail bushings. The entire piano was rebuilt and refinished with new strings approximately 30 years ago. If you appreciate the warm sound of the great American pianos, you will enjoy playing this piano. The action is responsive and the tuning is stable. For less than the price of a Chinese piano, you can enjoy a hand made piano that looks and sounds great!