When to Tune a Piano – How Often Should you Tune a Piano

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In a perfect world, you would have a tuner living next door and they would come over every day and keep your piano in tune. Because pianos start going out of tune right after being tuned simply by being played. How often you should tune your piano depends upon several factors:

  • Stability of the environment
  • How much the piano is played
  • Level of refinement required

A new piano or newly restrung piano requires more tuning than one that has been tuned regularly for a long period of time. As a general rule, a piano should be tuned whenever there is a change in seasons. Certainly when going from heat to air conditioning and visa versa necessitates tuning even if the piano sounds O.K. This is because the entire piano may shift slightly up or down. It’s important to develop consistency. If you tune your piano regularly, eventually it will become quite stable. So, like changing the oil in your car, regular tuning is preventative maintenance for your piano.