Witmayer 2 Manual Harpsichord for Sale



Serial #:NA

List Price:$14,900

SALE Price:$9,790

Build Date:NA

Color:Walnut Satin

Size:5' 6"

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This is a 2 manual, 3 rank harpsichord. So, you have 3 sets of strings – two 8-foot ranks and one 4-foot. So, you can play in unison as well as in octaves. It also has a lute type stop for another tonal color.

The keyboards can be linked together with a lever operated by the knee, so you can change the registration without having to take your hands off the keyboards.

It is tuned to A-440 concert pitch. So, you can play with other musicians. This is an instrument appropriate for Baroque solo and chamber music because it has a large range of sounds and volume. it has been regulated to play evenly and holds its tuning well.

The instrument offers a robust tone (or delicate sounds) without taking up too much room. You will be able to orchestrate your music with the good variety of registrations and dual keyboards.

If you have always wanted a harpsichord but didn’t think you had the room or the budget, this could be a great opportunity for you!