Yamaha Model W102 Professional Mahogany Upright 2892414



Serial #:2892414

List Price:$16,299

SALE Price:$4,995

Build Date:1979

Rebuilt:Mahogany Satin

Color:Mahogany Satin


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This full size Yamaha upright plays beautifully! The finish is in great shape with rich wood tones. The action is regulated to play evenly throughout all registers.

This is a professional series upright that features a pull out music rack that opens vents for the sound to come through for a rich playing experience. The fallboard is also a deluxe folding type that won’t come crashing down on delicate fingers.

If you appreciate a well made Yamaha and would like a piano a cut above the U series pianos, this is a very attractive piano that plays well and is a beautiful piece of furniture.