Yamaha U3 Upright Piano H2074824



Serial #:H2074824

List Price:$14,259

SALE Price:$4,479

Build Date:1975

Color:Ebony Polish


Yamaha U3 is designed for experienced pianists and musicians. The height allows for longer bass strings and bigger soundboard for rich tone throughout all registers. The U3 is one of the most popular upright pianos in the world.

The challenge in finding a good U3 in the used market is that many of them are old and tired instruments that no longer perform on a high level. We seek out Yamaha U series pianos that have been well cared for. Our technicians go through and assure a high level of performance with fine regulation, voicing and string work.

A full size, professional upright like this Yamaha U3 can offer a very rich sound. We offer 100% of the purchase price towards any other piano in the future as your playing develops and want to consider getting a grand piano (as long as the piano is well maintained and tuned at least every 6 months).