Can You Create Music in Your Sleep?

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Every day, the first thing I do when I get up is to go to the piano and play music – often times before I’ve even gotten dressed! After an entire night, there is always fresh music percolating in my head. Sometimes I play music in my dreams. It can be something from my classical repertoire. Other times it is music that comes to me while I am sleeping!

Is it good to play the piano first thing in the morning? I believe there are great benefits to playing when you first arise. Before you have to deal with the myriad tasks that are demanded of you, taking a moment to enjoy the beauty of music starts your day with fresh creativity that stays with you! It also gives you an opportunity to limber up your hands for further play and practice.

In the accompanying video, you will hear an improvisation that I played first thing in the morning. Hope you enjoy it!

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