How to Clean Your Piano

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Can you clean your Piano? You absolutely can! I have various videos such as how to clean piano keys as well as cleaning various piano finishes. Most people want to know how to clean the inside of their pianos. Well, how do you get in there? The strings are in the way! You can try blowing it out with a vacuum, but if it is really dusty that could make a mess and you’re probably not going to get all of the dirt out anyway.

The secret is to ask your piano tuner. They have a tool that is designed for the purpose of cleaning the inside of pianos. The way it works is very simple. The entire action of the piano comes out as one unit and there’s a gap between the strings and the key bed where they can get in with a tool in order to clean everything out. They are able to get all the dust off the soundboard and make everything beautiful again.

If the strings are rusted, the piano may need to be restrung. However, if the strings have light corrosion, a skilled technician can use a very fine steel wool and clean the strings to get them shiny which will help enhance the tone as well as the look of your piano.

Cleaning the inside of your piano is not something that you want to undertake yourself because pulling an action requires special skill. If you’re not careful you can easily break off hammers. If your tuner is already out there tuning your piano, they probably won’t charge a lot to clean your piano since they are there anyway. Be sure to let them know beforehand so they bring the proper tools and have the extra time to perform that job for you. Hope this has been helpful for you! You can always reach us at