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A.B. Chase Grand Piano: Made in USA 13965



List Price: $35,700

Our Price:$12,750


Company:A.B. Chase


Serial #:13965

Build Date:1883


Color:Mahogany Satin

Size:5' 7"

This piano was made at a time when there were over 1,000 companies making pianos in the United States. And A.B. Chase was a respected piano builder which was eventually folded into the Aeolian Piano Company joining Mason & Hamlin, Knabe and other great American companies. Yet, most people agree that the pre-Aeolian pianos were in an elite class.

The great news about this piano is the quality of work that was done quite recently including:

  • New Hammers
  • New Shanks
  • New Knuckles
  • New Strings
  • New Tuning Pins
  • New Damper Felts
  • Refinished Case
  • Re-gilded Plate

The work alone would cost more than the current sale price of the piano! More than that, at the time this piano was made, the methodology and quality of work of American pianos was far beyond what is available today except with the remaining American piano companies Mason & Hamlin, Steinway and Charles Walter all of which are very expensive. So, you can get a top-tier piano for a phenomenal price and enjoy the sound and performance on a higher level than what you expect from the myriad Asian production pianos proliferating today.