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Ant. Petrof Semi-Concert Grand Piano



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Model:ANT. PETROF 225

Serial #:-

Build Date:New

Color:Ebony Polish

Size:7' 4"

  • Variably Tapered Solid Resonance Spruce Soundboard
  • 16 Asymmetric Ribs
  • Diaphragmatic Soundboard
  • Wet Sand Casted Plate
  • Canadian Hard Rock Maple Pinblock
  • 50 mm Beachwood Inner Rim
  • 5 Longitudinal + 1 Cross Laminated Spruce/Beech Frame Posts
  • Outer rim – material birch plywood sandwich, inner veneer: Olive wood
  • Birch Outer Rim – Olive Wood Inner Rim
  • Solid Maple Treble & Bass Bridges
  • Ground Top Stainless Steel Bridge Pins
  • Gold-Plated, Brass Agraffes
  • Front & Rear Duplex Scaling
  • Strings – material steel wire, copper winding
  • Single String Hitching
  • Individually Balanced Spruce Keys
  • 50 Grams Treble & 55 Grams Bass Touch Weight
  • Ebony Black Keys
  • Solid Brass Hardware
  • Hydraulic slow close fallboard mech. Yes

A select few instruments in the world are built to the standards of Ant. Petrof. Utilizing the finest materials and workmanship Europe has to offer, the attention to detail, and the precision manufacturing are evident the moment you experience these instruments.

Musicians the world over appreciate the clear, bell-like tone these instruments produce. With the highest quality Renner actions, the palette of sounds are literally at your fingertips!

What Petrof has achieved in this piano is quite extraordinary. You enjoy a robust bass that has clarity and detail rarely heard in pianos. The quality of the scale design with both front and rear duplex scaling offers a rich, sustained tone going all the way to the very highest register of the piano.

If you are after the finest instrument available in a semi-concert grand, the model 225 Ant. Petrof is a rare example of what is possible with an instrument conceived and produced with no compromises in sound or performance.

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