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Art-deco Steinway Upright Piano P292764



List Price: $37,900

Our Price:$8,790



Model:Studio Upright

Serial #:P292764

Build Date:1938

Color:Mahogany Satin


This is a New York made Steinway from the Golden era of American piano building. We have put new German Abel Select hammers, new key tops, and have refreshed the finish. The piano has also been fully regulated, tuned and voiced for a warm even tone throughout all registers.

Pianos like this are increasingly rare. Steinway only produces a handful of upright pianos each year and the price have made them unattainable for most people. The piano features and art deco design with hints of old world craftsmanship you don’t see anymore.

It has the original matching bench which is great for two reasons First, you would never find a piano bench to match the unique design of this piano. More importantly, it indicates a piano which was well cared for since benches don’t last as long as pianos.

For the price of a decent Asian production upright piano, you can have a top of the line Steinway to enjoy for years to come.