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August Forster German Grand Piano




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Company:August Förster

Model:Semi-Concert Grand

Serial #:55725

Build Date:1927

Color:Ebony Polish

Size:7' 8"

August Förster pianos started producing pianos in 1859 in Germany and are still manufacturing pianos there today. Unlike so many German piano companies which have been bought by Asian companies which produce most of the pianos in Asia, August Förester pianos are exclusively hand-crafted in Germany.

The tone of August Förster grands is unique, with a remarkable bass: dark, deep, yet clear.* This piano was rebuilt in Europe 15 years ago. We have voiced the piano to have a warm, clear sound throughout all registers. The action has been regulated to a concert level for fluid performance and is not too heavy which is remarkable for an instrument of this size.

The piano shows only very moderate wear and looks beautiful. The hammers are in nearly new condition. The original soundboard has been refinished.

If you have ever played any larger, top-tier, European pianos, they provide an enormous range of expression which doesn’t require a great deal of effort in order to get a singing tone. The bass on this piano matches 9-foot concert grands.

For serious players, or anyone requiring a high level of performance with superb sound for practice, performance, or recording, this is a piano that is suitable for the most demanding players or applications.