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Baldwin Acrosonic Piano 612214



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Serial #:612214

Build Date:1957

Color:Pecan Satin


Acrosonic is the biggest selling brand name in the piano industry of all time. They were a division of Baldwin that built high quality spinets and consoles. They were offered in a variety of different cabinet styles and finishes from Louis XV to Danish mid-century modern.

This piano features an elegant mahogany Louis XV cabinet with a matching bench. The keytops were replace at some point with a nice new set. The piano has excellent felt on the hammers and has not seen much use for having been built in 1957.

Many people regard the Acrosonic to be the finest spinet piano ever built. There are technologies not found in any other spinet piano such as the drop-action rail guide which offers a more precise feel than on other spinet pianos.

The piano has been regulated and voiced to a high level allowing for a very fine tone at only 36 inches. If you’re looking for a piano with a light budget in mind or to conserve space, the Acrosonic was designed with not just the student in mind but all pianists alike. Being a product of Baldwin, it lives up to the standard of excellence and American craftsmanship of a bygone era.