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Baldwin Artist Series Baby Grand Model M 114902



List Price: $44,100

Our Price:$11,739


Financing available through Allegro,
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Serial #:114902

Build Date:1951

Color:Ebony Satin

Size:5' 2"

This is the top of the line, American made Baldwin Artist Series baby grand piano. This California piano has a excellent soundboard and bridges with rich, sustained tone. The piano has been played some and has decent life left in the hammers. The action is smooth and responsive after precise action adjustments. The finish looks good as well. The piano has its original set of real key tops (not plastic).

The Baldwin Model M is noted for having a particularly robust sound for a piano of its size. What separates a good piano from a great one is the tone life, particularly in the treble. Even brand new pianos of the same make and model vary tremendously depending upon the exact architecture of the soundboard. This piano is a gem!

If you are limited in space and uncompromising in sound and performance, this is a top-tier American piano that is one of the best baby grand scale designs of all time. To get one that is all original and well maintained provides a rewarding playing experience for years to come with regular maintenance.