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Baldwin Artist Series Grand Piano



List Price: $50,700

Our Price:$19,975


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Serial #:330652

Build Date:1996

Color:Ebony Polish

Size:6' 3"

Baldwin was the #1 piano company in America and was the choice of countless concert pianists. This piano was manufactured in the U.S.A. before the decline and eventual bankruptcy of Baldwin, at a time when they were still making fantastic pianos!

This piano is in close to brand new condition inside and out. It shows almost no signs of wear, and the finish is also gorgeous! The model L scale design offers a richly rewarding playing experience with deep, full bass, round, full mid-range, and a singing treble tone.

Our technicians have prepared the piano for a level suitable for the concert stage or recording studio. There is an evenness in touch and tone from note to note in all registers. If you have ever played a top-tier, hand-built American piano on the highest level, then you have some idea of what this piano offers.

The size of this piano is ideal for your home since it isn’t overwhelmingly large. Yet, there are many performance venues that also feature the model L Baldwin since it is large enough to offer a satisfying sound to fill larger spaces.

As time goes on, there will be fewer and fewer great American pianos available since only around 2,000 pianos are produced in the United States each year. And the prices start at over $100,000 for a new American grand piano of this size. So this represents a rare opportunity if you appreciate pianos like this.