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Baldwin/Bechstein Semi-Concert Grand Piano 305902



List Price: $63,995

Our Price:$30,795


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Serial #:305902

Build Date:1991

Color:Satin Ebony


One of the most acclaimed semi-concert grand pianos in existence, the Baldwin SF-10 is regarded by many as a pinnacle achievement in piano design. This piano is in an elite league of American piano craftsmanship along with Steinway B and Mason & Hamlin BB. What sets the Baldwin SF-10 apart is its German influence. Baldwin owned the renowned German many manufacturer Bechstein starting in the 1960s. Together, Baldwin and Bechstein redesigned Baldwin’s piano line. The SD-10 concert grand and SF-10 semi-concert grand took the piano world by storm. Sporting a top of the line, German-made Renner action and unique design elements, these pianos have a special place in American piano history. Finding one produced well before Baldwin’s unfortunate bankruptcy in like new condition is a rare find.

This piano was lovingly taken care for and was barely used throughout its life. It’s original in every respect. Our technicians have gone through the piano inside and out with fine regulation and voicing. It has a powerful tone in all registers which is to be expected from an SF-10 in great condition. However, this particular SF-10 has an exceptionally singing, projecting tone. What separates the Baldwin SF-10 from other top-tier 7-foot grand pianos like Steinway and Mason & Hamlin in the American sphere, and Bösendorfer, Bechstein and Fazioli in the European piano world is that it bridges the best qualities of both influences. While it definitely has the warm, round American sound, there is more clarity and focus which you would expect out of the great European pianos. That combined with the impeccable Renner action, and you can begin to understand why these pianos are highly sought after. As time goes on, there will be fewer and fewer original SF-10’s in immaculate condition like this one.

If you’re looking for a lifetime piano that is in like new condition, this is a piano worth checking out. Priced at a fraction of what a piano of this quality is worth, the new owner of this piano will be rewarded with the highest level playing experience likely for the rest of their lives!