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Baldwin French Provincial Grand Piano



List Price: $48,300

Our Price:$14,950

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Serial #:367912

Build Date:2000

Color:Cherry Satin

Size:5' 8"

This is a hand-built, American, Artist Series Baldwin piano. The action, strings and soundboard are in like new condition. The furniture is also gorgeous! (Although if you catch the light just right, you can see very light crazing.) Baldwin was still making great pianos in the U.S.A. when this piano was built. The model 226 is the same as the model R in scale design and has designer furniture with fancy legs, music rack and pedal lyre assembly.

This piano was in a gentle environment and has the original matching bench. Our technicians performed extensive regulation, voicing, string leveling, action lubrication, inside clean-up and outside touch-up. The good news is that the piano plays on a concert level of performance with all original parts which are all in excellent condition.

There is a warmth and clarity to the sound of this piano which is a rare combination of tonal attributes found in some of the great Baldwin pianos. You can enjoy high level performance with a finely crafted piece of furniture that is almost as rewarding to look at as it is to play!